Online references for translators

Just a quickie this month, as the dust settles after a flooding/stampede/birthday extravaganza round our house. (That will mean little to those of you who aren't members of my family or residents of Calgary, but suffice to say it's been non-stop around here since the end of June). In my last post I mentioned a number of online resources I use for work when I'm away from the "office". I actually use many of them when I'm "in the office" too, as a complem...

Should you use a free online translator?

Since I started working as a translator, I've discovered a lot of assumptions people have about translating. My first post on this blog dealt with some of these, such as translator = interpreter, or translators can translate any type of document or subject matter. Another assumption I’ve come across is that translation software or instant translation websites are interchangeable with people who work as translators (or if not interchangeable, perhaps the eq